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Healthy Recreation Ideas For All Age Groups

When we plan our day, we make out time for business meetings, dropping kids to the school, following up on the files for the next day, and so on. Some of us even manage to take out time for gym or yoga. However, what most of us do not even consider as an important part of the day is recreation. We do not have the time for it, so we just do without it.

Importance of recreation

Recreation is important. It is not the same as the systematic yoga or gym class you do to stay physically fit. Recreation is more about the mind. You need a few hours of the day off to yourself so that you can recreate your brain, your thinking, and your personal inner energy. Hence, the word ‘recreation’ comes.

Here’s how recreation helps you:

  • Calms your nerves while you take time to yourself.
  • Relaxes every single muscle of your body, which even a masseuse cannot because not all muscles are targeted in a physical massage.
  • Helps your brain cells rejuvenate while you’re just enjoying some hobby.
  • Outdoor recreation like some badminton or swimming helps re-energize as well as strengthen your body.
  • Reading books or watching your favorite movie again helps you get rid of stress.

All these effects put together, helps your mind and body return to their optimal functioning abilities. Therefore, recreation is not just a recommended suggestion that you may or may not incorporate in your daily life. It is indeed an essential part of your life which is otherwise full of unavoidable stress, competition, and a necessity to perform at your best.

Recreation ideas for the busy youngsters

Life is the busiest for the school goers of this generation. School, tuition, extra-curricular classes, kids hardly have time to breathe, leave alone take out time for recreation. But we all know, all work and no play makes you dull. So here are some ideas that are less time-consuming and more productive:

  • Reading– Some parents restrict the story books time and force their kids to focus on text books. This is the biggest harm you can do to your child. End of story.
  • Movies– Some movie time is also important for the syllabus, and some are just must-watches. Movie time is never a waste of time.
  • Outdoors– Playing outdoors is absolutely necessary for all the vitamin D and the physical activity. Instead of making your child join the gym, let them some play time, say some basketball, or even just running around in the park with the neighbor kids.

For older adults

Old age is the most difficult time as the body and mind are at their dusk and time does not seem to pass. Listening to music or reading spiritual texts is good for the pious. Getting a pet or getting into gardening is perfect for those not into religion.

Recreation is very important at any given age. The results do not directly show in money or success, but it still is essential for wellbeing.